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Team Activity——Barbecue

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May 16. Shahu Ecological Park. The Hosola people were having a long expected barbecue here.

In order to promote communication and cooperation among the staff, the Hosola New Energy Co., Ltd. held a barbecue in the Shahu Ecological Park. The barbecue was organized by the Marketing Dept, and all the departments took part in it, 40 participants in total. It started from 5:00 pm, and ended successfully at night, lasting more than four hours.

During the event, the departments worked together and highly cooperated. No distance, no strangeness, the Hosola people gathered around the barbecue, eating and drinking, talking and laughing. What a high night. Particularly to mention, the Marketing Department played an important role in the preparation, contacting site, arranging route, communicating participants, buying tools and so on.

 Sunset glow fading, the barbecue ended successfully.

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