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Hosola Brand New Solar Mode

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2014 can be called "the first year of development" for solar station in China. In this year, the installation volume is 14GW, in which the ground solar system installation plan is 6GW, and the distributed solar system is 8GW. However, many people still have concerns about whether distributed solar system can be widely promoted in China. In regard of this, Hosola New Energy holds that the varity of subsidy policies in different provinces is an obstacle to distributed solar system promotion due to that distributed solar system is still in the emerging period and it needs comparatively general and open policy environment. However, local government focuses too much on the specifications of each region. Moreover, related policies have not been carried out compeletely. At the same time, PV companies also need to improve their product quality, technology and servoce standard.

The CEO of Hosola Mr. Ji states that the new energy solar industry is an emerging industry. Chinese enterprises have to provide high quality products and service for customers of they want to enter the international market. Ji also expresses his expectation that Hosola aims to be a century enterprise. Since its establishment, Hosola focuses on the R&D of solar inverters.

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