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Hosola obtained installation approval for rooftop project in Eerbeek

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       It is reported that Suzhou Hosola New Energy has successfully signed cooperation contract with Eerbeek city in the Netherlands, providing inverters for its public rental housing project. Accordingto the report, eight pieces of 270WP mono models and one Hosola Smart 2200 TL inverter will be installed on each rooftop, 120 rooftops in total. The mayor of Eerbeek city attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and stated that, the city will intensify its support to new energy in order to complete the target Holland government has put forwarded, that by 2020, the new energy should cover at least 19% in the national energy structure.
       The project selected Hosola Smart 2200TL inverter, which has compact appearance and totally new topological design, with MPPT accuracy high up to 99.9%. Suzhou Hosola New Energy is a professional solar inverter manufacturer. Its high quality, high efficiency inverter has gained great popularity among customers both at home and abroad.
        Hosola is in vigorous developmemt in Holland market this year, and has achieved great fruits. In Aug, Hosola became the supplier of the inverters required for the first phase of a project for “Het Grootslag”. Currently, Hosola provided 4 Bright 5000MTL inverters for a local factory in the Netherlands.
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       On Oct 9th, Holland local government office rooftop project came into construction. A total of 15 Hosola Bright 3680MTL inverters are applied in this project. With its completion, Hosola will open new perspectives in its Dutch market.


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