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Hosola Attended Solar Energy in UK

2014-10-16 14:38:31 | Publisher: | View:

       Oct 14th, three-day Solar Energy kicked off in Birmingham, UK. Suzhou Hosola New Energy attended this exhibition with solar inverter models. 
       With the development of UK solar market, its installation capacity has reached 5GW currently. Thus UK became the most important market in Europe. Founded in 2010, Solar Energy is the largest and the most professional solar industrial exhibition in the UK. On this event, Hosola exhibited several inverters, including single phase inverter Smart 1000 TL, Bright 3680 MTL, three phase inverter Sunrays 10000 MTL, string inverter 40KTL and 60 KTL. 
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       Hosola single phase inverter has compact appearance, totally new topological design and extremely high energy conversion rate. Three phase inverter has long life span, easy to monitor and covering all the needs of medium and small scale inverters. String inverter has complete functions, which can meet on-grid and control requirements. The inverters from Hosola New Energy attracted great attention during this event.  
       Targeting at solar market, Hosola is committed to the optimization of solar inverters. Hosola inverters have been certified with over-all approvals in European countries. In recent years, Hosola inverters have been widely installed in Europe, Australia, Asia and anywhere in China, It is especially welcomed in the Netherlands and UK among European areas. Solar Energy will surely improve Hosola’s brand impact so that Hosola will conquer a wider market in Europe in the near future.  

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