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Hosola: Analysis of Global Solar Market from Exhibitions

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       Three major solar exhibitions took place respectively in Australia (All-Energy Australia), the UK (Solar Energy), and the Netherlands (Solar Event) in the middle of the fourth quarter, bringing about industrial feasts to domestic photovoltaic enterprises.
       According to statistics, PV market demand will still increase in the second half of 2014, with the annual market demand around 42GW, a growth by 17% compared with 2013. In 2013, European PV market accounted for about 30% of the global installation capacity, remaining at 25% to 30% level in 2014. As one of the fastest growing market, UK annual PV installation capacity will be in the range of 1 ~ 1.5GW. Although the sharp decline in the German and Italian PV demand led to temporary slump in the European market, the strong growth momentum in the UK, Romania and Australia eased its recession. The market demand growth in Britain and France, recovery in Denmark and other small markets, and the rising of Turkey and other emerging markets all compensated the market decline in Germany, Greece, Romania, Belgium and Switzerland. Ukraine and other small but stable market will continue to provide support for the revival of the European PV market in 2014.
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        As to the Australian market, it was in full swing, however, a wave of damps were thrown on the seemingly fame market in 2014. On the one hand the Australian Solar Council issued its "save solar" call, raising $ 25,000 funds to assist the renewable energy target (RET); on the other hand large state-owned power plants requested to cancel the renewable energy development goals.
        More than one million households have rooftop solar power systems in Australia. A total of over 3.1GW installation capacity caused a huge impact on its national electricity market construction, and it was in opposite to the existing power generation business model. Solar energy reaches a peak during the day, greatly reducing the power demand in the time period. Thus, the price of conventional power generation is greatly pushed down, which is fully resisted by the conventional predators. For consumers, they are worried about the high electricity bills due to traditional power generation. According to the latest survey in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland: one-eighth Australians cannot afford the electricity bill; during the past 12 months, more than one-tenth of Australians have three or more unpaid ones; 70% often or sometimes worry that they cannot afford electricity bills.
        The survey found that 90% of people said they had, or would consider choosing solar energy. In the solar households, 70% said it was to save money. Meanwhile, that Australian Prime Minister Abbott publicly opposed solar energy also had caused re-examination of the future for this market. The good news is there are indications that the war between traditional and new energy seems to have not seen the winner. Australian Solar Commission tried to restore the situation, including the establishment of the Australian Energy Storage Committee. Whether the late Australian storage market will revive? Just wait and see.
        Confronting the global market, Hosola always sticks to the optimization of solar inverters. Till now, Hosola has developed a series of popular products, including 1~5kW inverters and 40k & 60k string inverters. Hosola is in vigorous development this year, and has achieved great fruits. In the Netherlands, Hosola became the supplier of the inverters required for the first phase of a project for “Het Grootslag”, providing Bright 5000MTL inverters for a 20kW project, obtaining installation approval for rooftop project in Eerbeek, and Holland local government office rooftop project came into construction. In the UK, Hosola signed supplier contract with Moss Huade Electrical, providing Hosola Sunrays inverters for a total installation volume of 13MW and 23MW in Horsemoor Drove Sutton St. James.

        Heading towards the development of solar inverters, Hosola has always insisted on both innovation and development, playing a leading role in integrating the Yangtze River Delta photovoltaic industry chain. Hosola not only comprises of experienced R&D and management teams, but also accurately grasps market trends, continuously optimizing product development, and improving the speed of technological innovation, strengthening product development efforts to improve product stability. We have reason to believe that Hosola inverter is bound to shine in overseas market. 

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