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Hosola 60KTL
Hosola 60KTL inverter adopts world leading technology, and it is suitable in Europe, Asia and Africa (50Hz 60Hz Grid) No need for hoisting assistant, easy for manual installation
Hosola 60KTL inverter adopts world leading technology, and it is suitable in Europe, Asia and Africa (50Hz/60Hz Grid). No need for hoisting assistant, easy for manual installation.

Hosola 60KTL Inverter

String Inverter


Active power continuously adjustable (0~100%)
Fulfill a variety of reactive power adjustment requirements with power factor 0.8 overexcited ~ 0.8 underexcited Integrated LVRT, HVRT and night SVG function


Max. Efficiency at 98.9%
Integrated string detection function, find mismatch panel in time and accurately
Integarted PV panel PID effect eliminate function, decrease the loss of generation attenuation

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Integrated DC combine and surge protection function, lower the system cost
DC arc detection function, further enhance the safety performance Four MPP tracks, meet the demand of panels multiple irregular direction installation


VDE0126-1-1, EN62109-1,EN62109-2, G59/3, BDEW,


Type Hosola 60KTL
Input Data
Max. PV Input Power 67500W
Max. PV Input Voltage 1000V
Startup Voltage 620V
MPPT Voltage Range 570~950V
MPP Voltage Range for Nominal Power 570~850V
Number of MPPTs 1
Max. Number of PV Strings per MPPT      12
Max. PV Input Current 120A
Max. Current for Input Connector 12A
Output Data
Nominal AC Output Power 60000W
Max. AC Output Power 66000W
Max. AC Output Apparent Power 66000VA
Max. AC Output Current 96A
Nominal AC Voltage 3/N/PE, 230/400Vac
AC Voltage Range 310~480Vac
Nominal Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Frequency Range 45~55Hz 55~ 65Hz
THD <3 % (nominal power)
DC Current Injection <0.5 %In
Power Factor
>0.99@default value at nominal power,
(adj. 0.8 overexcited ~ 0.8 underexcited)
Mechanical Data
Dimensions (W×H×D) 634*959*267mm
Mounting method Wall bracket
Weight 55kg
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
DC Reverse Connection Protection Yes
AC Short Circuit Protection Yes
Leakage Current Protection Yes
DC Switch Yes
DC Fuse Yes
Overvoltage Protection Type II DIN rail surge arrester
System Data
Max. Efficiency 98.9%
Max. European Efficiency 98.5%
Isolation Method Transformerless
Ingress Protection Rating IP65 (fan IP55)
Night Power Consumption <1W
Operating Ambient Temperature Range -25~60℃ (>45℃ derating)
Allowable Relative Humidity Range 0~100% no condensing
Cooling Method Smart forced air cooling
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m (>3000m derating)
Display Graphic LCD
Communication Interface RS485 (RJ45 connector)
DC Connection Type MC4
AC Connection Type Screw Clamp terminal
VDE0126-1-1, EN62109-1,EN62109-2, G59/3, BDEW,

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