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Cooperation between Hosola and Taspac to Expand New Zealand Market

2015-01-23 09:25:12 | Publisher: | View:

       Good news came that Hosola had carried out cooperation with Taspac to develop the photovoltaic market in New Zealand. Through several months’ negotiations and communications between the two parties, Hosola and Taspac successfully signed Distribution Agreement, and Taspac was authorized as the official distributor in New Zealand.
       Hosola New Energy Co., Ltd is a professional solar inverter manufacturer, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing PV inverters. Hosola inverters have been widely installed and functioned in Europe, Australia, Asia and anywhere in China. It is especially popular in the Netherlands and UK among European areas. 
       Taspac Energy Ltd. is a new entity that forms part of a larger group of DC power companies (Innovative Energies and Amtex Electronics) that manufacture and distribute their products worldwide from its New Zealand and Australia bases. 
       Taspac held launch event at some major centers in Auckland in November, which turned out to be a huge success in promoting new energy. Shortly after the launch event, Taspac ushered in its first order of Hosola inverter on 13th January, 2015. According to good news from Taspac, the order will be dispatched from the warehouse in February. 
       Look into the future, we have full confidence about the cooperation with Taspac. Taspac is well positioned to provide the local warehousing, pre-sales and after sales service, supporting and distribution of Hosola in New Zealand. We are willing to work closely to develop this new market, and we believe more achievements will be made with our joint efforts. 

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