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Hosola Plus Power Optimiser Coming Soon

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       String inverter has irreplaceable advantages due to its high efficiency, light weight and low price, and multi MPPT technology plays an important role in increasing system design diversity and improving production efficiency. However, it also faces an unavoidable challenge, which is how to adjust and limit the impact that unpredictable shadows have on maximum array output power point. So, customers pay more and more attention to single-component tracking and conversion equipment, among which micro inverter and power optimiser are representative ones. However, the price of micro inverter causes pressure to customers, while power optimiser is much cheaper compared to it. 
       According to Hosola engineers, when solar panels face shadow or the angle is diverse, adding power optimiser can effectively improve generating capacity, and the system generating amount is increased by 25%. Compared with micro inverter, the price of power optimiser is 30% cheaper. Looking at the trend of technology development, power optimiser will be the ideal choice for distributed residential system in the future, and it has wider applicability than micro inverter.
      Hosola plus power optimiser, by providing individual MPP tracker for each solar panel, can optimise the system performance and has now become a popular and key component in a solar system. It has integrated the functions of maximum power collection & conversion, data collection and communication and can be used on all sizes of solar systems.
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       The launch of Hosola plus power optimiser is a significant R&D achievement made by Hosola team in the spirit of cooperation and innovation. Launching the new product into market is bound to increase Hosola market share, enhance Hosola competitiveness and status, and make greater contribution to the development of the industry. 

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