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Hosola successfully obtain Solarif certification

2015-03-24 16:41:32 | Publisher: | View:

\ Hosola successfully obtain Solarif insurance and financial certification, which laid a solid foundation for Hosola’s further expand in European PV market.
All Hosola inverters will be escorted by Solarif certification when they are exported to Europe. Hosola obtain the solarif certification by high composite score of 94, which passed a series of risk assessment, including technology, capital, and labor conditions.

The global PV market become increasingly competitive, more and more users began to concern about the after-sales service and compensation which caused by the core component or the manufacture operating status. Therefore, it becomes a trend to be guaranteed by third party regarding to the core component, which can protect the user’s interests.
Hosola express its firm attitude of being responsible for the user, and Solarif also express its deeply trust for Hosola. In the future, Hosola would cooperate with Solarif In many fields.

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