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Hosola debuts at the Thailand 2015 Renewable Energy

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Thailand 2015 Renewable Energy, the largest solar exhibition in the Thailand, is held at the BITEC in Bangkok from June3rd to 6th.Thailand market is a promising emerging market for PV, with good policy and economic background, Hosola carefully select Thailand as its target market.
This exhibition, Hosola presents itssingle phase inverter from 1 to 5KW, which can meet residential roof-top systems. Single phase 1-5KW inverter is Hosola flagship product, in the past two years, it won the favor of the European and Australia customerswith its reliable and efficient performance, this year, Hosola positively promote in the emerging market, Hosola booth attracted more than 200 customers to stop by for knowing about more detailed info.


Hosola also exhibited its new product - Power Optimizer, which works at module level to mitigate power loss resulting from shading or mismatch. The optimizer is a DC/DC converter and can be easily connected to module junction box. Each optimizer has its own MPP tracker and can work individually to track the MPP of every module. Apart from increasing the efficiency, optimizer can also provide safety protection by shutting down the module DC when the inverter or grid power is off. Performance of each module will be monitored by the optimizer monitoring system. As expected, the optimizer proved to be very popular among customers for its high quality and great cost effectiveness.


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