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  • Hosola 40KTL
    Easy to handle and installation, without lifting machinery assistance. Integrated combiner box functionality and type Ⅱ surge arrester IP65 outdoor design, easy to choose installation location.
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  • Hosola Bright 4200TL/5000TL
    Own patents with new H6C topology.Wide MPP voltage range,reach up to 550V.WiFi with upgrade function.More concise appearance.Better waterproofness.5 years standard warranty and up to 25 years extension.
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  • Hosola 60KTL
    Hosola 60KTL inverter adopts world leading technology, and it is suitable in Europe, Asia and Africa (50Hz/60Hz Grid). No need for hoisting assistant, easy for manual installation.
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  • Hosola Sunshine 3048MTL/5048MTL
    Hosola Sunshie series Hybrid Inverter applicable for both on-grid and off-grid PV systems and can control the flow of energy hybrid with its working situation able to be switched automatically or manually.
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  • Hosola Sunrays ST10000TL/12000TL/15000TL/17000TL/20000TL
    High yield All in one, flexible and economical system solution Low maintenance cost Intelligent grid management
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